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Gear Set for GM F18 First and Second Gear (with primary axle)


Sapinho gears are constantly evolving.

Produced in forged steel, machined in modern CNC equipment, finished with heat treatment and special blasting, its development and production confer its fundamental characteristic: the resistance.


the GM F18 line is available in the following options:


normal coupling = synchronized - indicated for cars with greater use in street or street + track
quick coupling - suitable for competition cars with high-speed rotation cut (above 7000 rpm) Does not eliminate the use of clutch
and various relationships

=> Attention about the quick coupling assembly have been changed from the original having stripe on the primary axle of the VW GTI 16v for increased resistance



Use the currency calculation to check the ideal ratio for your car and use, available for free at:



* Illustrative images Third, fourth and fifth gear sold separately


Consult us about availability of assembly service and exchange review


the F18 gearbox is present in some GM models such as Astra, Vectra, Corsa, Celta, Kadett.

Compatible with F16.

Consult your mechanic about adaptability if yours is F15, F17, F20, F23.